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Quick start

Downloading and running
Enabling autorun at OS startup
Enabling autorun for all users at OS startup

Downloading and running

Enter IP address of computer where will work remote desktop access server and desired port number. Press "Build" button and wait (usually not more one minute).

rdsrv quick start step 1

Download file by link and save it to folder where the remote desktop access server will have right to create its ini file.

rdsrv quick start step 2

Run it with key /application or /setasservice.

In first case this will be regular application with general user rights. You should take care about automatic start remote desktop access server if OS will be rebooted. In second case is registered and started Windows service with automatic start at OS startup.

Next, start browser at computer where we want to see remote desktop and type http://server_address:port. Browser issues alarm but we ignore it and continue.

rdsrv quick start step 4

Blue asterisk appears on the taskbar notification area. It means the remote desktop client has been downloaded and connected to the remote desktop access server. The copy of the remote desktop client has been stored in user folder "My documents/Documents" with name "rdloader.exe". In future, if you are going to explain to remote user how he can run the remote desktop client, you simply tell to double click on that file instead typing url.

rdsrv quick no connect

Now start browser at control computer and type http://server_address:port/lman. Browser issues alarm but we ignore it again and run received file.

rdsrv quick start step 5

Type the password (default 123456).

rdsrv quick start step 6

The server address appears in the windows header. List of remote clients is displayed in the window. If the password has been typed incorrectly no error is issued and the window stays empty.

The double click on the remote computer name opens a new window (in separate process) that is displaying remote desktop in the view mode.

You need to press the button (shown below) in order to control the remote desktop.

rdsrv quick start step 7

The remote desktop is notified about connection by switching asterisk to green color.

rdsrv quick conected

Enabling autorun at OS startup

Autorun for current user is enabled (and disabled) by pressing the button (shown below). Each time when user makes a login the remote client is started and connecting to server. When user session is ended the remote client terminates. If workstation is locked or user has been changed the remote client continues working but can't transfer the display content and interact with it. If you want to enable autorun for all users look below.

rdsrv autostart

Enabling autorun for all users at OS startup

At first you should make sure you have the admin rights on the remote desktop. Please, look here.

If not, you need to use elevation request or disabling UAC. User's help you will need in both cases (except Windows XP, if you know admin password).

Having admin rights on remote desktop, you need press the button (shown below). Now when any user makes a login the remote client is started in user session. Besides, the special library is registered in system providing ability to remote logon using any user, whose name and password you know. Please, look here.

rdsrv autostart all

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