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What is the rdsrv?

This is a free program for accessing to remote desktops. More accurately that is a server providing access to remote desktops that can be placed behind a firewall. The remote desktop access can be done one time or be permanent for administrative functions. This works like Teamviewer but despite a simple set of functions the rdsrv has some advantages.

At the moment this remote desktop access server is only available for OS Windows family. Supported versions are since Windows XP SP3 (Windows XP SP3 has partial support, without remote logon).


The remote desktop access server is a single executable file, has small size ( < 1MB), and can run on any computer without admin rights and installation like a regular application. Or the remote desktop access server can register and run in system as Windows service.

This remote desktop server uses TCP/IP protocol and single port for all communications. All connections are incoming for the server and outcoming for remote clients and control programs. Therefore "real" IP address is needed in order to accept connection from remote desktop clients and control programs. Or there is needed the port forwarding at the firewall to computer on internal network where the remote desktop access server is running. However, if you plan to use the server for only internal network, then you can use internal IP.


The main features:

  • the controlling computers and controlled computers can be placed behind firewall
  • there are no limits for simultaneous connections
  • transferring clipboard/file to/from remote desktop
  • one click enabling automatic run remote client at OS startup

At the moment this remote desktop access server is NOT open source project. But I am ready to give source code for viewing with some conditions. Who is interested, please, email me.

Copyright (C) Sergey Kuzmin